How to Grow Sugar Snap Peas Hydroponically

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Things You'll Need

  • 1-inch rock wool cubes

  • Sugar snap pea seeds

  • Propagation tray

  • Clear plastic

  • Water mister

  • Hydroponics nutrients

  • Hydroponics system

  • 3-inch rock wool cubes

  • Grow lights

  • Support pole

Plant sugar snap pea seeds into rock wool cubes.

You no longer have to wait until spring to plant sugar snap peas. Assembling a hydroponics system in your home extends the growing season to year round and lets you plant the seeds when you are ready to start growing. Rock wool cubes increase the ease of growing sugar snap peas from seed and make it simple to transplant the seedlings when they are ready for the hydroponics systems.


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Step 1

Hydrate rock wool planting cubes by placing them in a propagation tray and pouring 1 inch of water into the bottom. Soak the cubes for two hours and dump the remaining water.

Step 2

Sow one sugar snap pea seed into each rock wool cube by dropping it through the hole on top. Cover the propagation tray with clear plastic and set it in a warm area with indirect light and a temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Step 3

Monitor the rock wool cubes to make sure they remain moist. Spray the cubes with water, as needed. Remove the plastic cover at the first sign of sprouts and move the propagation tray to a sunny area.

Step 4

Mist the rock wool cubes with a hydroponics nutrients diluted to one-quarter strength two to three times a week until the seedlings are about 3 inches tall.


Step 5

Transplant the sugar snap pea seedlings into the hydroponics system once they are 3 inches tall by inserting the smaller cubes into a 3-inch cube. Insert the 3-inch cube into the hydroponics system so the cubes are at least three-quarters submerged in water.

Step 6

Insert a support pole into each rock wool cube to train the vines upward. A 3-foot long dowel with a ½-inch diameter works well.


Step 7

Assemble grow lights 8 inches over the top of the pea plants, if grown indoors. Set the lights to shine for about 12 hours each day. Raise the light system as the plants grow to prevent burning the foliage or buds.


Add nutrients to the water each time you add more water or refresh the system. This keeps the food source at an adequate level for plant growth.

Avoid removing seedlings from the rock wool cubes to prevent root damage. The cubes have a design that allows you to insert starter cubes into larger cubes.

Rock wool cubes are a soilless medium made from stone and sand fibers spun into cubes. This type of hydroponic medium is available in several sizes to fit most hydroponics systems. Choose the size that best fits into your system.