How to Hang Items From a Cement Ceiling

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Things You'll Need

  • Marker

  • Hand drill or hammer drill

  • Drill bit or masonry bit

  • Wall anchor

  • Hammer

  • Eye bolt

If you need to hang something from a cement ceiling, you cannot simply drive a nail or screw into the cement. You must take steps to safely secure the fastener or it will quickly tear out of the ceiling. With a cement wall anchor, you can secure heavier items to the ceiling without fear of the anchors coming out. Anchors have metal barbs that grip the sidewall of the hole as you insert the screw.


Step 1

Place the object against the ceiling if the object has a bolt-hole pattern. A bolt-hole pattern are mounting locations for a series of bolts that hold the object in place. If you are going to secure the object via a hook or eyebolt, skip this step.

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Step 2

Place a mark on the ceiling with a marker to denote every mounting hole location. If you have an object with a bolt-hole pattern, mark each bolt hole. If you have a single hole, place a single mark on the ceiling to denote where you want to drill.

Step 3

Secure a drill bit to your hand drill. Use a bit that measures the same diameter as your masonry wall anchor. If the wall anchor is more than ¼-inch, opt for a hammer drill and a masonry drill bit. A hammer drill and masonry bit helps to drill larger holes in cement without chipping out. Drill the hole slightly deeper than your anchor is long. If you have multiple holes, repeat this step with each hole.


Step 4

Place the end of the anchor into the hole and straighten it so it rests at a 90-degree angle to the ceiling. Tap the anchor into the ceiling with a hammer. Stop when the anchor rests flush with the ceiling. If you have multiple holes, repeat this step with each hole.

Step 5

Place the object with the bolt-hole pattern over the anchors and line up the bolt-hole patterns. Secure the object to the ceiling with the screws supplied with the object or with screws designed to work with your wall anchors. Use a screwdriver to insert the screws. If you plan to hang the object from a single eyebolt or hook, skip this step.


Step 6

Place the threaded shank of the eyebolt or hook into the hole and turn the fastener into the wall anchor with your fingers. You will find little resistance when turning in the fastener. Place the hook or clasp of the object you are hanging on the eyebolt or hook.


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