Make a Fake Butt for a Halloween Costume

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Some Halloween party outfits really benefit from one of the most amusing of costume accessories: a fake butt. Depending on the particular Halloween costume, a fake butt might be needed for comedic effect, to create a realistically voluptuous figure or to mimic another custom body shape. Maybe you need fake buttocks to round out a roly-poly panda bear costume or mimic the famous shapely curves of Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boop.


While you can find fake butts among the novelties at Halloween costume and party stores, it's possible to DIY unisex costume butts in varied shapes and sizes with a sewing project. All the necessary supplies should be easy to find, and the techniques involved are achievable for anyone with basic sewing skills.

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How to make a fake butt for a Halloween costume

Things You'll Need

  • One pair of tights, bike shorts or similar shapewear in the wearer’s regular size

  • One pair of tights, bike shorts or similar shapewear several sizes larger

  • Sewing clips or binder clips

  • Chalk or disappearing fabric marker

  • Scissors

  • Straight pins

  • Sewing machine

  • Matching thread

  • Polyester stuffing

1. Put the garments on the costume wearer

Have the costume wearer put on the regular-size pair of tights, bike shorts or shapewea, and then the second, larger pair over the top. Use sewing clips or binder clips to join the waistbands of the two garments together at the side seams or midsides (if the garments are seamless).


2. Trace the sewing lines

With chalk or a disappearing fabric marker, trace a curved line under the natural position of the wearer's butt cheeks onto the outer (larger) garment. Next, trace a vertical line matching the wearer's butt crease.


3. Trace cut-off lines for tights (optional)

If you are using tights for your fake butt costume, optionally trace a horizontal line around the wearer's thigh, somewhere above the knees. This is only necessary if you want to cut off the leg parts of the tights; if full-length tights work with your costume, keep them intact.


3. Remove the garments

Carefully remove the double set of garments, keeping them clipped together at the waistband.

4. Cut the tights (optional)

If you are using tights for your fake butt costume and want to cut off the legs, do so now, following the traced lines and cutting through both the inner and outer pairs of tights.


5. Pin the seam lines

Place straight pins through the layers of the inner and outer garments along the traced lines, which should follow the outline of the wearer's buttocks. Place pins down each side and along the curved lines you drew under the butt cheeks. Do not pin the vertical butt crack line at this time.



6. Prepare to sew

Thread a sewing machine with thread that matches the garments. Set the machine to sew a medium-length, medium-width zigzag stitch or any other preferred stretch stitch.

7. Sew the seams

Sew along the seams you pinned, back-stitching at the start and end and removing the clips and pins as you sew. Start at the waistband on one side and sew down along the side hip line, along the curved underbuttock lines and back up the other side hip line to the waistband.


8. Stuff the butt

Have the wearer put on the fake butt and stuff the butt area with polyester stuffing through the space between the rear waistbands. Pull off a handful of stuffing at a time and continue to stuff it down into the butt area until you have created the size and shape you desire.

9. Sew the waistbands closed

Use clips to close up the gap between the two rear waistbands, keeping the stuffing inside. Sew along the waistband to close the gap and enclose the stuffing.

10. Create the butt crack

Sew a vertical seam along the line you marked for the butt crack. Try to push the stuffing equally toward each side of the seam while you sew and then squish it back into place after finishing.


Some intimacy is involved in marking and measuring as well as ensuring that the size fits for a fake butt. Bear this in mind if you’re seeking a friend or family member’s help with this kind of cosplay or Halloween costume sewing project.



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