How to Take Out the Interchangeable Part of a Screwdriver

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A quick-change screwdriver allows for quick and easy bit changes.

Quick-change screwdrivers provide the advantage of multiple tools in one. They are ideal for the kitchen tool kit or the handyman facing many different jobs in a single day. They allow the user to change from a flat head to a Phillips in just seconds. Interchangeable heads of various sizes store conveniently in the tool's handle for easy access and compact storage. Changing the bit on the screwdriver is quite simple.


Step 1

Hold the handle of the screwdriver firmly with one hand.

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Step 2

Grasp the shaft that extends from the handle with your other hand. Some quick-change screwdrivers have a chuck that must be engaged at this point. If your specific screwdriver has a chuck, follow the manufacturer's instructions for your screwdriver. The most common types of these screwdrivers do not have chucks.


Step 3

Pull the shaft containing the bit to separate it from the handle. This will allow you access to additional bits and change your bit for your desired application. During use, the shaft is held firmly in place magnetically. You must pull firmly enough to break this bond.



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