How to Engrave Your Name on a Texas Instruments Calculator

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Ruler (optional)

  • Handheld engraver

  • Sandpaper

  • Paper towel

  • Surface cleaner

Engraved letters will withstand the test of time.

Texas Instruments makes some of the most advanced and popular calculators on the market. Their products can be found in schools across the country. Because of their popularity, it is important to brand yours with your name in order to keep track of it. Markers and paint can fade over time, but using an engraver will permanently etch your name onto the calculator.


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Step 1

Write your name on the back of the calculator with a pencil. If desired, you can first draw a line with a ruler to ensure that your lettering is straight.

Step 2

Plug in an electric engraver and turn it on. The switch will be either on the side of the engraver body or attached to the cord.


Step 3

Hold the engraver in your hand the way you would hold a pencil. It should be as comfortable in your hand as possible in order to create smooth lines.

Step 4

Engrave the first letter, dragging the engraver's tip along the pencil marks with steady pressure.


Step 5

Engrave the remaining letters, repositioning your hand and body as needed to remain comfortable.

Step 6

Lightly sand your engraved name with 400-grit sandpaper to remove any burrs left by the engraver.

Step 7

Wash the back of the calculator with a paper towel soaked with surface cleaner to remove any remaining pencil marks.


If you are new to engraving, practice a few times on a hard piece of scrap plastic before moving on to your calculator.