How to Draw a Simple Wink

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Expressing a wink in artwork is not difficult.

Drawing a simple wink on your artwork implies a teasing, lighthearted tone to the canvas or paper. In correspondence, it lets the reader know that you are "just kidding" in the previous sentence or paragraph or it indicates an inside secret that is just between the two of you. Drawing a wink is an effective way to add a vampish emotion to the artwork, whether it is in a teasing or flirtatious manner.


Step 1

Look at yourself in a mirror and wink. One eye is open and the other is shut during a wink. This is an effective method to observe other emotions as well before drawing them.

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Step 2

Draw a smiling mouth on the sheet of paper. An wide "U" shape is a simple way to draw the smile. This indicates a lighthearted expression.

Step 3

Make a open eye above the smile by drawing a small circle on the paper. Fill the circle in with the pencil. If it is a tiny face, a simple dot on the paper will suffice.

Step 4

Draw another eye on the face by making a simple straight line. This adds the wink to the picture.


Embellish the wink line with vertical straight lines extending down from the wink to indicate eyelashes. Add eyelashes to the open eye with vertical lines going above the eye and smaller verticals beneath it. Type a wink expression at the end of emails and other correspondence via the keyboard on your computer. Press the semicolon key, hit the space bar and add a closed parentheses symbol to form a wink expression like this: ; )

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