How to Cook Rice That Isn't Sticky

Things You'll Need

  • Long grain rice

  • Butter

  • Chicken broth

The fat in butter keeps rice from sticking.

Cooking rice that isn't sticky is easy with the use of a few tricks. While sticky rice can be delicious, especially with sushi or Asian inspired cuisine, other dishes require non-sticky rice. If you use long grain rice, you won't have any problems with stickiness. The makeup of long grain rice keeps it from clumping together. With short rice, such as brown or white rice, a little fat goes a long way. Fat naturally keeps rice from sticking so a dash of butter or olive oil can work magic.

Step 1

Use long grain rice when cooking non-sticky rice. Short rice (usually found as white or brown rice) is more likely to stick together while you are cooking.

Step 2

Add 1 to 2 tbsp. of butter to the rice. Fat helps keep rice from sticking. Put the butter in with the water as it boils. This will create bits of fat in the water so you can add the rice and not worry about clumping.

Step 3

Use chicken broth instead of water. The broth not only adds flavor to the rice but the fat allows you to cook non-sticky rice. Just substitute an equal amount of chicken broth for the amount of water indicated on the recipe.