How to Broil Polska Kielbasa

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Things You'll Need

  • Polska kielbasa

  • Sharp knife

  • Broiler pan

Polska Kielbasa is a smoked Polish sausage that is often served grilled, fried or broiled and can be topped with sautéed onions. Kielbasa was originally made just from pork, but there are now varieties of this sausage available that are also made from beef or turkey. This flavorful sausage is often used in Polish soups and stews, and it's also a favorite for grilling at backyard barbecues. You can serve kielbasa over rice, and add a sweet and sour sauce to complement its smoky flavor. Broiling is an especially effective method for cooking Polska kielbasa because it creates a nice crust and a crisp texture on the outer skin while keeping the inside of the sausage tender and juicy.


Step 1

Cut the kielbasa into 4- to 5-inch slices with a sharp knife.

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Step 2

Slice each piece of kielbasa in half lengthwise and lay the meat skin-side down on a broiler pan.

Step 3

Insert the pan into a pre-heated broiler or on the top rack of your oven set to the "Broil" setting.

Step 4

Wait 5 minutes, remove the pan and turn the kielbasa over so the skin side is facing up. Return it to the heat for 5 minutes.

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