How to Shrink a LIVESTRONG Bracelet

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LIVESTRONG silicone bracelets are sold as a fundraiser for cancer research and people wear these bracelets throughout the world. The brainchild of Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, these bracelets are yellow and contain the word "LIVESTRONG." Nike produces them and consumers can commonly buy them online and in stores that carry Nike products. LIVESTRONG bracelets are available in one size only; thus, if yours is too big to comfortably wear, you can cut it and rebond it with glue.


Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Rubber Cement

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Step 1

Put the LIVESTRONG bracelet on your wrist and pinch it in one spot to determine how much you want to shrink the bracelet. Note the amount.

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Step 2

Remove the bracelet and cut out the required amount with a pair of sharp scissors. If your sizing test showed you need to remove a 1/2 inch from the bracelet, remove that amount.


Step 3

Dab some rubber cement to either one or both open ends of the bracelet, according to the instructions on the bottle. Some types require application of glue to both surfaces requiring bonding, while others need glue on only one.

Step 4

Press the two ends of the bracelet firmly together and hold for a couple minutes or as long as the instructions on the bottle of glue specify. Wipe off the excess and carefully sit the bracelet on a flat surface. Rubber cement typically dries quickly, but you'll need to consult the bottle to know how many hours are required to allow the glue to fully harden.


Don't stretch your LIVESTRONG bracelet after gluing. Though the silicone glue will hold the bracelet together, it won't be as strong as a bracelet that has not been altered.

Avoid cutting through the LIVESTRONG wording or Nike logo.



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