How to Attach Corner Beads to Durock

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Black marker

  • Tin snips

  • Cement board screw

  • Drill bit

  • Power drill

Corner bead is most often associated with drywall. It is a long strip of corner piece made out of aluminum, paper or vinyl and is installed over a drywall corner, giving the drywall a finished and professionally done look. Durock is a type of cement board that is water and moisture resistant. It is typically installed in rooms with high moisture, such as a bathroom. While it is not necessary to have corner bead when installing Durock, if for some reason you must attach corner bead to Durock, it can easily be accomplished and installs just like drywall corner bead.


Step 1

Measure the height of the wall where the corner bead will be installed. Record the measurement. Transfer that measurement onto the first piece of corner bead and mark the cut location with a black marker.

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Step 2

Cut along the line with a pair of tin snips. Snips cut just like scissors. Set the corner bead back into place and verify that the proper height measurement was cut. Push the piece into the corner where the Durock butts together from each side of the wall.


Step 3

Line up the first cement board screw along the top of the corner bead. Find a pre-drilled hole in the corner bead and push the screw into the hole. Attach a drill bit to a power drill. Secure the screw in place through the hole and into the Durock.

Step 4

Drill until the head of the screw is flush with the corner bead. Move to the same level on the other side of the corner bead and repeat the same process. Move down 8 inches and insert another screw on each side. Continue in the same manner down the corner bead, inserting a screw every 8 inches on each side.


Step 5

Inspect the corner bead and verify that it is securely attached to the Durock. Repeat the process for any of the other corners in the room where you want to have corner bead.


No matter what type of corner bead you are using, you will cut and install it the same way. All types of corner bead have pre-made holes for the screw locations, and they all can be cut with tin snips.


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