How to Clean Chicken Wings

Things You'll Need

  • chicken wings

  • paper towels

Chicken wings must be cleaned thoroughly.

Chicken wings are a great way to spice up a summer barbecue. Wings are a favorite of adults and children alike as everyone looks forward to the chicken wings when they come to a barbecue. Chicken wings have to be cleaned properly and thoroughly, but once the cleaning is done it will all be worth it to see a house full of happy faces.

Step 1

Let cool water run from the faucet. Take each wing, one at a time, and rinse it under the water to clean the surface.

Step 2

Clean wings.

Check the chicken wing for feathers or anything else that needs to come off. Pluck the feathers and clean the chicken with your fingers while still under the faucet.

Step 3

Dry wings.

Remove the wing from the water and shake it off, drying it as best as possible with a paper towel. Then start with the next wing under the water.


Follow up a thorough cleaning with a great chicken wing recipe.


Everything that the raw chicken might come in contact with must be cleaned to prevent bacteria from spreading.