How to Print 50/50 Tickets

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If you win a 50/50 raffle, you receive half of the money collected.

If you are hosting a 50/50 fundraising event, then you will need tickets to give to ticket buyers. Most 50/50 tickets that you buy in a store or online have a perforated border that allows you to tear off one half of the ticket easily. Because you are printing your own 50/50 tickets, you will need to carry around a pair of scissors so that you can snip the pair apart. The ticket buyer gets one of the pair. You get the other. Your tickets are thrown into a hat. The winner of the draw receives 50 percent of the money raised by the purchase of tickets.


Step 1

Open a new Microsoft Word document by clicking the icon twice on your "Start" menu. When the new document opens, click "Office Button" and "New."

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Step 2

Type "tickets" in the search box on the right side of the menu that appears on your screen. Scroll through the ticket templates. You want to select a raffle ticket template that has two parts with identical numbers on them.


Step 3

Double-click the ticket icon your like. It will open in your word document.

Step 4

Load your printer tray with card stock. A sturdier paper such as this is a good option for tickets.



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