How to Thicken Chili Sauce

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Things You'll Need

  • Cornstarch

  • Water

  • Tablespoon

  • Cup

  • Pot of chili

  • Wooden spoon

Chili can be thickened using cornstarch or flour.

Chili is a hearty meal that can be simple to prepare. Chili generally has a thicker sauce than soups. Although chili sauces may not start out thick, it is easy to thicken their consistency with only two ingredients and a few simple steps. Thickening chili will not change the flavor of the dish.


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Step 1

Mix 1 tbsp. cornstarch with 1 tbsp. cold water in a cup. Mix until cornstarch is dissolved.

Step 2

Pour the cornstarch mixture directly into the hot pot of chili while the pot is still over a heat source.


Step 3

Stir with a large wooden spoon to incorporate cornstarch mixture into the chili.

Step 4

Allow the mixture to cook for a few minutes. This will give the starch time to thicken the sauce.

Step 5

Continue to thicken using 1 tbsp. cornstarch at a time until you reach desired consistency.


You can substitute flour for the cornstarch if you wish. You will need to increase the measurement to 2 tbsp. of flour per every 1 tbsp. water.



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