How to Use Cornstarch to Thicken Stew

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Things You'll Need

  • Stock (substitute water, if desired)

  • Cornstarch

  • Medium mixing bowl

  • Mixing spoon

  • Whisk

Thicken your stew with a little cornstarch.

When making stew, many people find they need to thicken the soup to create a heartier consistency. Unlike broth-based soups, stews are synonymous with chunky pieces of food and a rich, hearty liquid. Once the stew has been prepared and cooked, you may find the liquid is too dense. There are many thickeners that can be added to a stew to change the consistency. A popular thickening agent is a cornstarch slurry, made with cornstarch and stock.


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Step 1

Chill stock in refrigerator for one hour. Remove chilled stock and pour one quart into medium mixing bowl. Add 3 oz. cornstarch to the mixing bowl.

Step 2

Mix ingredients together with a mixing spoon until well blended and no lumps remain. Whisk ingredients together for two minutes or until a paste begins to form. Continue whisking paste vigorously until it reaches the consistency of a thick slurry. Add more cornstarch or water, as necessary.


Step 3

Drop a large spoonful of slurry into the stew and stir the stew well until the slurry is completely absorbed. Return the stew to a simmer and allow the slurry to thicken for five minutes. Continue adding slurry and stirring until the stew reaches the desired consistency. Discard unused slurry.



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