How to Shut Off a Fire Sprinkler Head

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A fire sprinkler can rapidly flood a room if left unstopped.

Fire sprinklers can effectively save lives and property in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, an activated fire sprinkler, either from a damaging accident or tampering, can rapidly cause severe water damage if not stopped. Once it is safe to do so, a fire sprinkler should be stopped to limit the amount of flooding and property damage.


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How to Shut Off a Fire Sprinkler Head

Step 1

Make sure there is no fires actively burning.

Step 2

Hold a wooden wedge in each hand.

Step 3

Insert the two wedges — one from each side — into the opening between the sprinkler head opening and water deflector.

Step 4

Push and tap the wedges together until the water stops flowing.


If several fire sprinklers are flowing, it may be quicker to stop the water flow by shutting off the building's water supply.