How to Peel an Octopus

Things You'll Need

  • Octopus

  • Pot

  • Water

  • Stove

Octopus is a common food in many cultures.

An octopus is an eight-legged sea mollusk with a hard beak and mouth at the center of its arms. Octopi have no internal skeletal structure. In Japan and many Mediterranean cultures, octopus is a common ingredient in food. Octopus can be prepared boiled or fried, or in other forms such as sushi. Although the skin and suckers are edible, some people choose to remove them through a process called peeling as these parts can be very chewy and hard to eat.

Step 1

Fill a large cooking pot with enough water to completely cover the octopus.

Step 2

Place the octopus in the cooking pot and simmer over medium heat for one to two hours. The octopus should become tender and turn bright purple.

Step 3

Remove the octopus from the pot and allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes, or until it cools completely.

Step 4

Peel the skin and suckers from the cooled octopus by pulling on them with your fingers. The skin should slide right off of the octopus.