How to Get Rid of German Beetles

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Things You'll Need

  • Pesticide

  • Hand sprayer

  • Garden gloves

  • Beetle traps

Insect infestation can spread from home to home.

German beetles are easy to identify because they are larger in size than beetles from Britain or Belgium. They also have bigger mandibles in relation to overall body length. Like all other species of beetles, German beetles can reproduce very fast. This ability to reproduce fast especially in warm weather makes it very hard to exterminate them. It is better to kill the larvae. However, once the German beetles are fully grown, there is no option but to use the procedure below to kill them.


Step 1

Purchase your preferred pesticide from your local hardware store. Ask the attendant to confirm that the pesticide kills German beetles.

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Step 2

Mix the pesticide according to the manufacturer's directions. Read the instructions on the pesticide for killing German beetles. Understand them before embarking on this step.


Step 3

Pour the mixture into the hand sprayer. Other types of sprayers can be used, including the knapsack sprayer, to exterminate German beetles in open areas, like the lawn or perimeter around your home.

Step 4

Determine the areas of your home that are infested by German beetles. You probably know this already, but having another look will help map out how to apply the pesticide.


Step 5

Close all windows and doors. Go to one corner of the room. Spray the pesticide in all areas, covering the walls, crevices and any small holes. Begin with the ceiling or roof and work down to the floor.

Step 6

Spray all plants around your home that have German beetles or its larvae. If there are many plants, consider using a knapsack sprayer, as it is more convenient.


Step 7

Hang beetle traps in several parts of the home, especially around plants that are favored by German beetles. Empty these traps on a regular basis.

Step 8

Remove the larvae of German beetles from plants around the home. Put on the hand gloves before embarking on this step. It is better to kill the larvae before they turn into full grown German beetles.


Be sure to use environment friendly pesticide so as not to harm other wildlife.



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