How to Get Black Streaks Off Gutters & Fascias

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Things You'll Need

  • Gutter cleaner

  • Large spray bottle

  • Ladder

  • Damp, clean rag

  • Garden hose

Gutters and fascias can be cleaned rather easily.

Black streaks are often found on gutters and fascias just underneath the gutters. These black streaks are a result of tar, asphalt and other roofing material's bonding to the gutters. These streaks can make your gutters and fascias look worn and old. Instead of replacing the gutters, there is a quick and easy alternative to getting the streaks out of your gutters. With only a few tools and some simple instructions, you can have your gutters looking brand new in no time.


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Step 1

Fill the spray bottle with gutter cleaner. Shut the bottle tightly and turn the nozzle to the "On" position. Press the trigger and spray the gutter cleaner into the air to verify the bottle is working properly.

Step 2

Set up a ladder at one end of the gutter and fascia where the black streaks are located. Climb up the ladder and spray the black streaks with gutter cleaner. Move down the entire gutter and spray all of the spots with black streaks. Reposition the ladder when necessary to reach all parts of the gutter and fascia.


Step 3

Move back to the beginning and wipe off the gutter cleaner after it has had a few minutes to soak. Remove all of the cleaner with a damp, clean cloth and repeat the process for the rest of the gutter cleaner along the gutter.

Step 4

Spray the fascia board behind the gutters with the gutter cleaner and repeat the process you used on the gutters for all of the black streaks on the fascia board.


Step 5

Spray the entire gutter and all of the fascia board with a garden hose. Move from side to side across the gutters and fascias. Let them air dry.