Instructions for a Suncast Hosemobile

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Suncast makes a variety of products for use in home gardens. The Hosemobile is a mobile dolly-cart that holds garden hoses. The hose is wrapped around a spool that keeps it kink-free. A watertight housing connects the hose to the Hosemobile and lets you change fixtures at the end of the hose quickly. The Hosemobile is snapped together with no tools required.


Step 1

Set the two side triangles down, and snap the two attachment bars between them to secure together. Set the triangle up so the bars are close to the ground. Parts are put together using a black plastic snap tab with ridged edges. Pull the edges through the sleeve to lock into place.

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Step 2

Insert the special out-tube into the left side hose-wheel. The out-tube slides into the inverted tube slot inside the hub of the wheel.


Step 3

Set the left side hose wheel up against the inside of the triangle. Insert the lock fid into the outside of the triangle, pushing it into the hose-wheel. Push the right side hose-wheel onto the inside right of the triangle. Push the hose spool into the center of the right side hose-wheel, and then insert the attachment fid through the outer side of the triangle, pushing it into the hose-wheel.


Step 4

Wrap the hose around the spool by giving a single wrap by hand, then by pushing in the handle to the right hand hose-wheel and turning clockwise until the garden hose is wrapped around the spool. Screw the end of the hose to the out-tube to secure to the hose wheel. Switch fixtures and heads as needed. Screw the opposite side of the hose to the faucet.

Step 5

Move the Hosemobile to the location of choice and unspool the hose to use around the garden or house.



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