How to Make Fake Scars With Markers

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Things You'll Need

  • Rubber cement

  • Toothpick

  • Red Sharpie

Creating fake scars is simple. Fake scars can complete your Halloween costume or add some realistic touches to a play. a common way to make scars is just with a black marker, but using rubber cement and a red sharpie gives the scar a real human flesh look. You can vary the weight of the rubber cement and where you put the most of the Sharpie ink to create fake burns and open wounds.


Step 1

Apply the rubber cement onto your skin where you want the scar. Let it dry.

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Step 2

Use your toothpick to scratch off the rubber cement in the shape you want the scar. Make sure you leave some of the cement around the scar.

Step 3

Fill in the where you removed the rubber cement with the red Sharpie.

Step 4

Apply a second light coat of the rubber cement onto your skin where you created the base scar. Let it dry.

Step 5

Use your toothpick to lightly scratch off the rubber cement above were you have created the scar.

Step 6

Lightly recolor the scar with your red Sharpie. Your fake scar is complete.


It may hurt a bit when it is time to peel off the rubber cement, but it will do no harm. If you are doing a scar on your face be very careful not to ingest any of the rubber cement or get it in your eyes.


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