How to Blow a Balloon Inside Another Balloon

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Blowing one balloon up inside another looks like an impressive trick, but it isn't all that difficult. The secret to success is using one balloon that's larger than the other; the larger balloon should be translucent so you can see the balloon inside it.

Things You'll Need

  • Small colorful balloon

  • Larger clear or translucent balloon

  • Coffee stir stick or straw (optional)

  • Balloon pump or helium balloon tank (optional)

The Lung Power Method

  1. Stretch out a large, clear balloon.
  2. Blow it up at least halfway full, pinching it closed instead of tying it.
  3. Insert the uninflated, smaller balloon inside the first so the opening of the small sticks out of the first balloon. If this is difficult to do without too much air escaping the clear balloon, insert a coffee stir stick or straw inside the smaller balloon to push it through the large balloon neck more easily.
  4. Blow up the smaller balloon inside the first. Tie the small balloon in a knot.
  5. Push the small balloon completely into the first balloon.
  6. Blow the larger balloon up more, if it lost any air. Tie it closed.


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Pump or Tank Method

  1. Insert a coffee stir stick or straw inside the smallest balloon.
  2. Push the small balloon into the larger balloon. Leave the opening of the small balloon sticking out of the large balloon.
  3. Insert the opening of the smaller balloon around an air pump nozzle, such as the type used to inflate rubber rafts, or onto the nozzle of a helium tank.
  4. Inflate the balloon until it is nearly full; then tie it in a knot.
  5. Insert the nozzle inside the opening of the larger balloon.
  6. Inflate the balloon and tie it in a knot.



Extra Embellishments

Make your double balloon even more spectacular by putting some colorful tissue-paper confetti inside it before adding the smaller balloon. Instead of a double balloon, fill a huge balloon with a number of small balloons for a decoration that looks a bit like a gumball machine.




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