How to Make a Program for a 70th Birthday Celebration

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An excellent program for a 70th birthday celebration will highlight significant family memories. The program is meant to be personal and engaging. This should not be like a theater program, with a simple list of events throughout the evening, but more like a yearbook from high school. By flipping through the program, you want everyone attending the party to be able to relive the life of the guest of honor.



Step 1

Put your favorite photo of the guest of honor on the cover of the program. Below the photograph, write a suitable title, such as, "Evelyn's 70th Birthday Celebration."


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Step 2

Write a brief schedule of the night's events on the first page. List speakers, music performances, and dinner times.

Step 3

Include a full-page biography of the guest of honor. The biography should highlight the most memorable aspects of the person's life, including place of birth, career, family, hobbies, and adventures.


Step 4

Put together as many photographic memories as possible, with quotes from friends and family beneath the photograph. Each photograph should also be accompanied with a brief description of the events surrounding the photograph. You want to create a time line of the guest of honor's life and put photographs in chronological order from birth to his present age.

Step 5

Close the program with personal messages from friends and loved ones to the guest of honor.


If you have time to do more in-depth research, it is always nice to include famous events from history that may spark grand memories for the honored guest.


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