How to Write on Laminated Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Dry-erase marker

  • Tissue or dry-erase eraser

  • Whiteboard cleaner

  • Cloth or paper towel

  • Household spray cleaner

  • Sharpie pen

  • Non-acetone nail polish remover or hair spray

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • White vinyl eraser

The correct pen will keep your writing on your sheet and off your hands.

Using the wrong writing instruments, cleaners and/or erasers on laminated paper can result in staining, smudging and smearing – on your hands as well as your page. This is particularly undesirable if you plan to use the same sheet over and over and want it to look clean and fresh each time. Whether creating a graph, keeping a chart, giving a presentation or filling out a scorecard, the writing on your laminated sheet should be crisp and readable, and all erasures invisible.


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Step 1

Use dry-erase markers. Erase with a tissue, dry-erase eraser or whiteboard cleaner.

Step 2

Write with wet-erase markers. Wipe off the ink with a cloth or paper towel dampened with household spray cleaner, such as Windex.


Step 3

Mark your laminated sheet with a Sharpie for more permanent writing. Sharpie is removed easily with non-acetone nail polish remover, hair spray, rubbing alcohol or a white vinyl eraser.


Never use a tip that is bigger than you need.

Wet-erase markers are less likely to smudge than dry-erase markers.


Wet-erase markers don’t work the same on all laminated surfaces and can bleed through low-quality laminated sheets.


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