How to Cut Rebar

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Things You'll Need

  • Manual rebar cutting tool

  • Stick of rebar

  • Safety goggles

  • Tape measure

Rebar is added to concrete to give it compressive strength.

Rebar is a building material used to strengthen concrete. Rebar is a short version of reinforcing bar and is commonly made of hardened steel. When rebar is placed and secured in a concrete mold and concrete is poured over and around it, compressive strength is added to the concrete structure, providing stability. Because rebar is made of high strength steel, cutting rebar requires special tools.


Step 1

Measure a 2-foot section of rebar and position the mark in the rebar cutting tool. Put on safety goggles.

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Step 2

Pump down the manual cutting arm until the cutting edge of the tool sits securely on the rebar surface.


Step 3

Pump the manual cutting arm, allowing the rebar to rotate in the jaws of the cutting tool. This forms a cut around the edge of the rebar, providing a uniform cut.

Step 4

Hold one end of the rebar as the cutting tool nears completion. As the tool cuts through the rebar, the end will fall.


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