How to Seal a Pool Jet Leak Under Water

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Paper cup

  • Waterproof sealant kit

  • Silicone tape

A pool pump propels water into a pool through a high-pressure jet set inside a wall. Water leaking around the seal of the jet will lessen the water pressure and inhibit the pump's ability to circulate the water properly. You can seal the pool jet so that the water will no longer leak around it. You will not need to drain the pool of water during the repair. You will need supplies from a pool/spa service center, although select hardware stores will also carry the necessary supplies. You will be using household tools that are commonly found in service for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around the home as well.


Step 1

Enter the pool at the end where the pool jet is located. Remove the screws from the grille that covers the pool jet using a Phillips screwdriver. Place the grille on the pool's deck. Place the screws in a paper cup on the deck to keep them secure.

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Step 2

Feel around with your hand inside the compartment that is now uncovered. Make a note of where you feel a stream of water coming out through the insulation material surrounding the jet.

Step 3

Turn the pool pump off at the electrical control panel, which is typically in a shed at one end of the pool. Let the water pressure being generated by the pump cease by waiting a half hour before continuing.

Step 4

Remove the caps from the two tubes of sealant that are included in the waterproof sealant kit. Stick the end of a pin into the open end of each tube. Place the tubes, open end down, into the compartments in the syringe that comes with the kit. Place the syringe's plunger into the top of the syringe.


Step 5

Place the tip of the syringe against the insulation material to one side of the tear or rip in the material that is leaking. Press in on the plunger of the syringe to force the combined contents of the two tubes out the tip. Drag the tip along the length of the tear or rip until you reach the other side. Lift the tip off, return to where you started and apply another line of the combined sealants again.


Step 6

Place a strip of silicone tape on the insulation material, over the sealant that has been laid down. Press the tape against the sealant with your fingers. Apply another line of the combined sealants in the same manner as was done earlier.

Step 7

Let the sealants set for the amount of time specified in the instructions that accompany the kit. Place the grille back on the compartment and reattach the screws. Restore the electric power to the pump.


You can substitute a waterproof patch for the silicone tape if you want.


Wipe any metal equipment that is used in the water afterwards with an oily rag to prevent rust from forming.


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