How to Get Sharpie Off a Whiteboard

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Things You'll Need

  • Dry-erase/whiteboard marker

  • Cloths

  • Glass or whiteboard cleaner

Sharpie ink should never be used on whiteboards.

Sharpie markers contain permanent ink that is not meant for dry-erase boards, which are also known as whiteboards. Due to the fact that Sharpie pens resemble many types of whiteboard pens, using a Sharpie on a whiteboard is an easy mistake to make. Such ink does not lift off a whiteboard using the dry eraser that comes with the board. However, you can use another type of marker, along with a cleaning product, to lift different permanent ink from whiteboards without staining the board.


Step 1

Write over the Sharpie ink with a "high-odor" whiteboard, or dry-erase, marker, which contain solvents that can dissolve permanent ink. "Low" or non-scented markers do not have the appropriate solvents, according to Smart Technologies.

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Step 2

Wait just a few seconds, and then wipe the whiteboard with a soft or microfiber cloth. Proceed to Step 3 if any Sharpie ink remains. Don't let the ink dry or else the cleaning process becomes much more difficult.


Step 3

Spray either liquid whiteboard cleaner or glass cleaner onto a clean soft or microfiber cloth. Then, wipe the whiteboard clean with the saturated cloth. Wipe the whiteboard dry with the soft side of the cloth or a different soft cloth.


Never use harsh chemical cleaners on whiteboards.


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