How to Boil Crab in Beer

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Things You'll Need

  • A six-pack of beer

  • Old Bay seasoning

  • Crab

  • Large Pot

  • Tongs

There are numerous types of crabs that can be boiled in beer.

Boiling crab to perfection can be a difficult task. Not only can cooking be a challenge, but so can getting the perfect flavor and seasoning.Grab a can of your favorite beer when cooking your crab and add it to the mix. Using beer to boil your crab, along with a little seasoning will give your meal a delicious flavor. You can boil crab in beer as a method to heat up cooked pieces of crab or to cook a live or raw crab to perfection.


Step 1

Fill a large pot with one part water and three parts beer, there should be enough liquid to completely submerge your crab or crabs. Bring the fluids to a boil. Add one Tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning to the boiling water.

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Step 2

Place the crabs gently in the liquid mixture once it has been steadily boiling for 10 minutes. Be careful to not throw the crabs in the water and splash scalding hot water on your self. Make sure the crabs are completely submerged in the boiling liquid, if they are not, add more beer to the pot. Cover the pot with a secure lid once complete.

Step 3

Leave the pot covered and let the liquid mixture boil for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the size and quantity of crabs. If you bought cooked crab, you need to make sure the crab parts are warm. If you are boiling a live or raw crab, look to see if the crab has turned red, this will signal that the crab is in fact cooked. It may take longer for a crab to finish in the pot if you are cooking it as opposed to heating it up.


Step 4

Pull the crabs out of the boiling liquid carefully with a set of tongs, and check to make sure they're completely red and cooked thoroughly. Serve the crab as they are with a dipping sauce or use the crab meat to prepare your favorite dish.


If you're looking for a stronger flavor, use a darker or more flavorful beer, if you want a lighter, less noticeable flavor, use a light beer. If you are purchasing live crabs make sure that their claws are tightly secured as they can pinch you. If you are purchasing dead crabs, make sure to check for an expiration date to make sure they are fresh.


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