How to Arrange Your Wall Sconces With a Picture

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Measuring tape

  • Stud finder

  • Nail or screw

  • Hammer or drill

  • Drywall anchor (optional)

  • Two pillar candles

Draw attention to a picture by hanging a sconce on both sides.

Highlight wall art or framed photos in your home by arranging wall sconces on either side. Not only will this show off your print and provide accent light, it can also add a whimsical, romantic feel to the room. Place candles in your sconces that are scented to match the imagined fragrance of the picture to draw even more attention to the arrangement. If the picture includes flowers, for example, choose floral-scented candles. Centering the sconces requires taking a few measurements before pounding a nail or drilling a screw.


Step 1

Measure the height of the picture with a measuring tape, divide that measurement in half and mark this location on the wall with a pencil on both sides of the picture. Then measure at least 4 inches out from each side of the picture and make two more marks with the pencil. This ensures the sconces are hanging evenly beside the picture. Depending on how wide your sconces are and how much wall space you have, you may want to allow for even more space between the picture and the sconces.


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Step 2

Write down the measurement from the top of the sconce to the hanging mechanism on the back that attaches to the wall. You need this measurement to know where to place the nail or screw.

Step 3

Hold the center of the sconce over the mark you made in Step 1, which is at least 4 inches from the picture. Use the pencil to mark where the top of the sconce hits the wall.


Step 4

Reference the measurement you took in Step 2 and measure that same distance on the wall from the where the top of the sconce hits the wall (the mark made in Step 3). Make one final mark on the wall. This is where the nail or screw will go.

Step 5

Determine if a stud is located under this last mark by using a stud finder. If so, hammer a nail or drill a screw directly on the mark into the stud. If not, consider inserting a drywall anchor first. If your wall is sturdy or your sconces lightweight, you may not need a drywall anchor.


Step 6

Use the hanging mechanism on the back of each sconce to hang it on the nail or screw. Set a pillar candle on each sconce (make sure it is no larger than the base intended to hold it) and light the candles to highlight the picture.



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