How to Make a Toast for a 75th Birthday

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Things You'll Need

  • Cue cards

  • Glass

  • Knife

Give a toast for a 75th birthday honoree.

Living through three quarters of a century is definitely a reason to celebrate. When it comes to 75th birthday parties, a toast is often an appropriate edition to the festivities. This short speech is an opportunity to formally thank guests for coming, share stories about the birthday honoree and give the now-75-year-old well wishes for the future. Making at toast at this occasion doesn't have to be difficult. Simply think about what's notable about the birthday person and share it with guests.


Step 1

Ask for everyone's attention before you make the toast. Find a time that's appropriate for a speech, such as right before a meal or before presenting the cake. You can address the crowd by dinging a knife on a drinking glass or simply, but loudly, asking if you can say a few words.

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Step 2

Begin your toast by thanking the guests for attending the birthday party, as well as the hosts for throwing it. If you have prepared cue cards, take them out as a reference. Hold them at a low level near your waist. Don't hold them directly in front of your face and try not read from them word for word.


Step 3

Talk about what the world was like when the 75-year-old person was born. A lot has happened in three quarters of a century, so note some of the highlights from the year of their birth. Major historical events like wars or inventions are relevant, as well as popular songs and styles of the era. This will paint a picture and give guests a perspective of how far the birthday honoree has come.


Step 4

Highlight some of the achievements the 75-year-old person has accomplished in her life. Careers are one area to focus on, but her personal life is also important. If they raised children, had a great marriage, excelled in volunteering or won prizes, mention it. Talk about what you think they should be most proud of, as well as what you find to be the most noteworthy.


Step 5

Share what the 75-year-old person has taught you. This might be done with a personal story or with an account of some of their positive traits. You can focus on actual activities you've learned from the person, such as fishing, but also talk about characteristics or wisdom they've shown, such as compassion or courage. Discuss why these characteristics are important and what other people can gain from watching or following them.


Step 6

Congratulate the birthday honoree on reaching this milestone birthday. This can be done with words of praise or hopes for the future. You can also opt to end with a quote. A few appropriate quotes for the occasion include: "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age," by Lucille Ball, or "Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter," by Jack Benny. Research online quote databases to find others the birthday person would appreciate.

Step 7

Invite guests to raise their glasses and toast in honor of the 75-year-old person.


Keep your toast short. You probably need only a few minutes to summarize your main points and get the message across.


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