How to Eat Frog Legs

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Although frog legs are most often associated with French cuisine, the amphibious meat is a delicacy in different parts of the world, where no edible creatures go to waste. Frog legs are most often grilled, broiled or fried, and resemble very small, skinny and long poultry legs. While the phrase "tastes like chicken" is often applied to frog legs, the flavor is somewhere between poultry and meaty catfish. Look for frog legs at Asian markets and online, or on the menu at some Asian, French or Southern restaurants.


Step 1

Prepare frog legs by tossing with seasoned flour and pan-frying or grilling on a sheet of aluminum foil. If you're ordering from a French menu, frogs' legs are called "cuisses de grenouille."

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Step 2

Season the frogs' legs with a squeeze of lemon juice after they've been served, if desired.

Step 3

Eat frog legs with your hands as you would fried chicken legs in a casual setting.needed.Separate the large joint of a large frog leg with a knife and fork, if you're eating them in a fancy restaurant or at a formal affair. Hold the leg piece with one hand to eat it.


Serve deep-fried frog legs with hot sauce on the side.


Frogs' legs have small bones -- to avoid choking, don't serve them to small children.

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