Samurai Shark Knife Sharpener Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Samurai Shark Knife Sharpener

  • Kitchen counter or table

  • Kitchen knife

The Samurai Shark is a handheld non-mechanical sharpening tool. This tool can sharpen various kitchen knives, scissors and a variety of workshop tools. The Samurai Shark can sharpen a knife in less than a minute. A kitchen knife that is sharpened by this tool can be transformed from a dull butter knife to one that can slice a dish sponge in half. Sharpening a knife with the Samurai Shark can be done in three easy steps.


Step 1

Put the Samurai Shark on the edge of a kitchen counter or table with the metal sharpening blades facing you.

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Step 2

Place your palm on the base of the Samurai Shark. Make sure that your hand is at least two inches away from the end.

Step 3

Pass the dull knife through the metal grooves three to four times. In less than a minute, your knife will be sharp again.

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