How to Take Some of the Heat Out of Beans When You Have Put in Too Much Hot Pepper

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Spicy beans are great -- as long as they aren't so spicy that they burn your mouth.

Spicy beans make a great side dish or main entree. Whether it is a bowl of vegetarian chili, refried beans or a side of curried beans, the meal can very satisfying. However, beans that have had too much hot pepper added to them will be unpleasant to eat. If you are looking for a way to take some of the heat out of your spicy beans, there are a couple of different options available to you.


Step 1

Spoon out any large chunks of hot peppers that are in the pot with the beans. Make sure to remove any seeds as well, if they are easily visible. Seeds are the hottest part of any hot pepper.

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Step 2

Add other ingredients to the dish to diminish the spiciness of the beans. For example, add rice to spiced kidney beans to create red beans and rice. The starchiness of the rice will help to combat the spice in the beans. You could also add broth and vegetables to the beans and make a soup.

Step 3

Add a dairy product, such as cold shredded cheese or Greek yogurt, as a topping. The fats in dairy foods help to soothe the burn of spicy foods, so serving dairy with your beans can take away some of the heat.

Step 4

Add more beans. By doubling the amount of beans but not adding any additional spice, you can dilute the hot peppers' effect.

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