How to Shred Newspaper Without a Shredder

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic gloves

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Garbage bag

Once you have finished reading your morning newspaper, set it aside for shredding later in the week.

Shredded newspaper can come in handy for many things, such as cushion for packages sent across the country or for mulch in your backyard garden. You do not have to shred paper with a machine, and in many cases you may find it faster to do it yourself at home. Once you have collected a week's worth of papers, take time out of your weekend to shred them for use around your house.


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Step 1

Put on plastic gloves to protect your hands. Newspaper ink may rub off, so wearing gloves will protect you from any stains on your hands. Gloves will also keep you from suffering any paper cuts.

Step 2

Line up the sections of the newspaper you intend to cut.


Step 3

Cut five or 10 slits into the edge of the paper to help start the tears.

Step 4

Shred the paper by hand using a ruler to keep the pieces straight.



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