Nelson Sprinkler 6000R Instructions

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Align the edge of the arc collar with the edge of the watering area.

The Nelson 6000 rotor sprinkler is installed underground amongst other sprinklers and pop up to water the lawn when activated. Each sprinkler is strategically placed in the ground and adjusted so that all parts of the lawn are watered equally. An adjustment control is beneath each spray head cap, which is partially removed with a supplied tool that's also used to make the needed adjustments. After the sprinkler is installed, you can configure the sprinklers to suit the shape of your lawn perfectly.


Step 1

Grasp the top of the 6000 sprinkler stem with your fingers and pull up to expose the nozzle socket. Wrap the supplied clamp around the base of the stem where it meets the underground housing to hold the stem in place.

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Step 2

Slip the supplied wrench over the 6000 spray head and pop the head off like a bottle cap. Insert the wrench into the nozzle retaining screw inside the stem, and unscrew it. Insert the desired nozzle into the nozzle socket. Different nozzles produce different precipitation rates. Turn the nozzle retaining screw clockwise to lock the new nozzle in place.

Step 3

Place the supplied 6000 Click-Set Disk on top of the arc collar inside the stem with its black side facing up, and push until it clicks. The Click-Set Disk overrides the arc collars so the sprinkler rotates in a continuous circle when the system is active.

Step 4

Remove the Click-Set Disk from the top of the arc collar to set boundary points for the 6000 sprinkler rotation. Twist the stem until the nozzle is centered on the desired watering area and insert the Click-Set Disk back into place with the gray side facing up. Adjust the arc collars of each sprinkler head so they align correctly with the boundaries of their respective watering areas.


Step 5

Remove the Click-Set Disk from the 6000 if the memory ring isn't settled into it correctly. The memory ring keeps the settings in place during normal operation and can be viewed from the top of the Click-Set Disk. Twist the ring back into place and replace the Click-Set Disk.

Step 6

Turn the water on to confirm your settings. Insert the wrench into the nozzle retaining screw and clamp it tighter by turning it clockwise if you wan to reduce the water projection range. The screw must down far enough to clear the spray head.


Step 7

Snap the spray head cap back on top of the stem, insert the wrench into the screw in the dimple of the cap and turn it clockwise to tighten the cap.

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