How to Remove an L-Shaped Nose Piercing

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L-shaped nostril screws look like small beads on the outside of the nose.

A nostril screw is a piece of jewelry commonly worn in nose piercings. On the outside, nostril screws look like small beads, but on the inside they're more complicated. Most piercers bend their own nostril screws to fit individual clients, and they bend them in slightly different ways. Your nostril screw may curl into a C shape inside your nose, or it may just bend at a 90-degree angle, making an L shape. Those with L-shaped jewelry may find it more straightforward to remove, especially the first time.


Things You'll Need

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  • Antibacterial soap
  • Paper towel

1. Press the jewelry against the side of your nose

Insert one finger into your nostril and press the jewelry against the side of your nose. This will help the bead stick out on the outside, so that you can see a bit of the bar.

2. Push downward on the bead

Hook your index fingernail behind the bead and push downward on the bead until you see the bend in the jewelry come through the outside hole of your piercing.

3. Pull the bead downward gently

Pull the bead downward gently to remove the jewelry from your nostril.


Tips and Warnings

Clean your hands and your piercing with warm water and antibacterial soap. Dry your face, hands and jewelry with a fresh paper towel.

Clean your jewelry by washing it in antibacterial soap and drying it with a clean paper towel. Store your nostril screw in a clean, dry place until you are ready to wear it again.


Allow at least nine weeks for your nostril piercing to heal before attempting to change your jewelry. Be aware that the inside of your piercing will close quickly until you've worn jewelry in it for several years. In a new piercing, nostril screws may be impossible to reinsert after only a few days without jewelry.