How to Measure Dry Ounces

When you cook, an important task involves accurate measuring. Measuring cups come in both dry and liquid styles, with each having different uses in the kitchen. When a recipe calls for a dry ingredient in ounces, the most accurate method involves using a scale. After measuring dry ounces with a scale, note the level of the dry ingredient in the dry measuring cup so that you can dispense with the scale and measure the desired amount of ingredient using only a measuring cup.

Things You'll Need

  • Kitchen scale

  • Measuring cup

Step 1

Note the required amount of a given dry ingredient in the recipe.

Step 2

Weigh the measuring cup alone on the kitchen scale; it shouldn't have anything in it.

Step 3

Pour the dry ingredient into a dry measuring cup and measure the cup and the ingredient with the scale. Add more of the dry ingredient until the scale reads the amount required in the recipe plus the weight of the measuring cup alone.

Step 4

Note how much ingredient fills the measuring cup. Doing so will allow you to measure the same amount of ingredient without the scale the next time you make the recipe.

Step 5

Add the ingredient to the other ingredients and continue preparing the recipe.


If a recipe calls for dry ingredients by ounces, measure the ingredient with a scale and not a dry measuring cup. Dry ingredients can vary in density and weight -- a cup of flour and a cup of nuts do not both weigh 8 oz.

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