How to Break In a New Stihl Chainsaw

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Stihl manufactures many types of power tools, including lawn mowers, string trimmers and chainsaws. When using a new Stihl chainsaw, it is important to adhere to the break-in period, which lasts for the first three tanks of gas. The break-in period is established to allow the motor to adapt to regular usage and is important to the longevity of the chainsaw. After the break-in period is over, you can use the chainsaw at full capacity.


Step 1

Break in the chainsaw blade prior to cutting with the chainsaw by running the chainsaw at a low speed for approximately three minutes.

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Step 2

Avoid running the chainsaw at full throttle for the first three full tanks of fuel. Doing so allows all moving parts on the chainsaw to "bed in," or settle into place.


Step 3

Do not adjust the "L" screw on the chainsaw's carburetor to increase the engine performance to make up for power lost by not operating the chainsaw at full throttle.


The chainsaw will reach maximum power between the fifth and fifteenth full tank of fuel.



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