How to Make Faces Out of Numbers

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You can draw anything using numbers, including faces.

It is a lot of fun to draw using numbers as the framework for a subject. Drawing with numbers is a great puzzle and enjoyable activity for an adult or child. It can also help children learn the shapes of the numbers. You can use simple numerals to draw a cartoon-like or more detailed face. Start by drawing faces with basic number shapes and work your way up as you draw and practice in greater detail.


Step 1

Sketch a large zero shape on a piece of drawing paper for the outline of the head and face.

Step 2

Draw a small number 1 about 1/8 of the way up from the bottom of the 0 for the shadow under the mouth. Divide the 0 in eight horizontal portions to determine the area for the 1 to be placed. Just use a rough estimate; this isn't a math test. You are supposed to have fun with the drawing.

Step 3

Sketch the number 2 inside of the top of the 0 for a strand of hair on the forehead. Add a second 2 on the other side of the forehead.


Step 4

Draw an upside-down 3 with the 1 at it's back. The 1 will be centered between the curves of the 3 which creates the lips.

Step 5

Sketch the number 4 for a cleft or dimple on the chin. The 4 can also be used for a goatee when drawing a man.

Step 6

Top the forehead center with a number 5 for hair. The curved bottom of the figure 5 is a curl shape for a young boy or a female.

Step 7

Draw a number 6 on the left side of the 0 for an ear.


Step 8

Turn the number 7 upside down as you pencil it in for a nose.

Step 9

Sketch the 8 symbol lying on it's side for close-set eyes.

Step 10

Draw a number 9 for the ear on the right side of the head.

Step 11

Finish the outline of the facial features with a number 10 with each numeral as one side of the neck. Sketch in a thin, elongated 0 for the right side of the neck.


Step 12

Create more detailing with shadowing which can be done with a dull pencil lead. Add dots to the eyes. You can add the number 11 on both sides of the eyes to create the bows of a pair of glasses. The number 12 will add more details to fill in the hair area.


Try Roman numerals for an entirely different look.