How to Get Mold Out of Pressed Wood

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Things You'll Need

  • Rubber gloves

  • N-respirator

  • Safety goggles

  • Long pants

  • Long-sleeve shirt

  • Spray bottle

  • Cloth

  • Bucket

  • 1 cup oxygen bleach

  • Sponge

  • Towel

Mold presents itself in a variety of colors including black, green, white and brown.

A porous, engineered wood commonly used for furniture and building construction, pressed wood can consists of particles, veneers or wood fibers. When pressed wood becomes damp for an extended period of time, it can develop mold growth. The mold will stain the surface and eat away at the pressed wood. The porous nature of pressed wood can make mold removal difficult. As indicated by the Washington State Department of Health, it is best to allow a professional to remove mold infestations larger than 10 square feet. However, you can remove small mold infestations yourself. Keep in mind that if the mold continues to grow after removal, you will need to remove and replace the pressed wood.


Step 1

Protect yourself from mold and its spores by wearing a pair of rubber gloves, N-95 respirator, safety goggles, pants and a long-sleeve shirt.

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Step 2

Pour cool water into a spray bottle and mist the surface mold. This will prevent the mold from releasing spores in the air. Wipe the surface mold off the pressed wood.

Step 3

Mix 1 cup of oxygen bleach with 1 gallon of lukewarm water. Oxygen bleach kills mold without discoloring the wood. Submerge a clean sponge in the oxygen bleach cleaning solution and wring out the excess mixture.

Step 4

Scrub the pressed wood with the saturated sponge. Refrain from over saturating the pressed wood with moisture. Doing so could cause more harm than good.


Step 5

Rinse the sponge clean under cool water when it becomes soiled. Submerge the sponge again in the cleaning mixture and wring out the excess liquid.

Step 6

Repeat step 4 and 5 until you have thoroughly cleaned the pressed wood. Blot the excess liquid off the wood with a towel. Let the wood dry for several hours.


Consider applying a stain-blocking chemical over the pressed wood to prevent future mold growth.


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