How to Keep a Terrarium Humid

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Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle

  • Water

  • Terrarium cover (cloth or screen)

  • Saucer dish

  • Bucket

  • Drill

  • Misting system

Terrarium enclosures require moisture to maintain humidity.

A terrarium is an enclosed tank or structure used for keeping reptiles and plants. Inside a terrarium, proper light, heat and moisture levels must be maintained for the reptiles and plants that live in them. These reptiles and plants often require specific levels to remain healthy. Optimal humidity levels generally match the levels found naturally in the habitats of the reptiles and plants that live in your terrarium.


Step 1

Mist your terrarium two times daily with a spray bottle. These bottles are purchased in most any grocery, pet or garden supply store. Fill the bottle with water, and mist the leaves of plants and other surfaces in the terrarium.

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Step 2

Cover the top of the terrarium with a cloth or bit of window screen, if it is not already covered. This helps trap the moisture and keep it inside your terrarium.


Step 3

Place a small dish in the corner of the terrarium. Fill the dish with water. The water evaporates slowly, increasing humidity in the terrarium. Using a larger dish such as a saucer allows a greater surface area and more evaporation.

Step 4

Drill or punch a small hole in a bucket. Fill the bucket with water and place it on top of your terrarium. The water drips slowly from the bucket and increases humidity in your terrarium.


Step 5

Install a misting system in the terrarium. These systems are available commercially in pet stores and garden supply stores and must be installed according to their individual instructions. They provide a constant humidity level in the terrarium by use of pipes, water and timers. They may provide a droplet-type spray or fine, cloud-like mist depending on the type of mister and settings you use.


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