How to Spread Pizza Sauce

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Things You'll Need

  • Pizza crust

  • Pizza sauce

  • Large serving spoon or flat-bottomed ladle

Begin saucing your dough by pouring sauce onto the center.

Many people who are pizza fans eventually try to make their own pizza at home. While most people can create an edible pizza in their own kitchen, you have to use restaurant techniques if you want pizza restaurant flavor and quality. Spreading the sauce on the dough correctly is one of the secrets to making a perfect pizza, whether at work or at home. Take some tips from professional pizza makers and you'll end up with an evenly sauced pie, ready to top and bake.


Step 1

Check your sauce consistency to make sure it will spread well but not make your pizza soggy. Perfect pizza sauce is about as thick as ketchup. If the sauce is thicker than that, add water a spoonful at a time until it thins enough. If your sauce is too thin, stir in spoonfuls of tomato sauce to thicken it.

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Step 2

Drop two or three scoops of pizza sauce directly onto the center of the crust. The amount of sauce you use will depend on the size of your crust and the amount of sauce you like on your pizza. Keep the sauce in one small area in the middle by dropping the second spoonful right on top of the first, then the third on top of the second.


Step 3

Grasp the spoon about halfway down the handle toward the bowl. Set the bowl of the spoon into the center of the sauce. Let the bowl rest on the crust in the middle of the sauce. Feel the spoon to see that the bowl of it is sitting on the dough.

Step 4

Lift the spoon very slightly, just so that the bottom of the spoon no longer rests on the dough. This will create a very thin gap between the spoon and the dough. Keep the spoon at this exact level while you are saucing the entire pizza.


Step 5

Move the bowl of the spoon in a spiral, farther and farther out from the center of the dough toward the outer edge. This will push the sauce along with the spoon, causing it to cover more and more of the crust. Stop spreading the sauce when it reaches a point 1/2 inch from the edge of the crust.


Step 6

Check the surface of the pizza to see if you had any instances of allowing the spoon to touch the dough. These will show as white streaks where you can see the dough through the sauce layer. Fix these streaks by holding the spoon at the correct height for spreading and gently covering the streaks with the surrounding sauce.


Don't be tempted to leave a larger edge around the outside of the pizza to make a larger crust. The edge will expand during the baking time, creating a crust of about 1 inch.


Don't add too thick a layer of sauce to your dough. Too much sauce can cause a soggy and uncooked bottom crust.


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