How to Make Artificial Corn on the Cob

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Things You'll Need

  • White Styrofoam cylinder

  • Emory board

  • Yellow-headed straight pins

Make an artificial ear of corn for stage or home decor.

Actors and play producers use artificial food as props on stage, and homemakers often decorate kitchens and dining rooms with false food. Craft stores often sell the most common apples and bananas in plaster and foam, but for more unusual shapes, you have to craft your own. Make a cob of yellow corn for your next art project using small items sold in any craft store. The project is simple enough for school children to accomplish, and the finished product looks real enough to use on stage.


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Step 1

File down the sharp edges of each end of a Styrofoam cylinder. Make the transition from the sides to the ends softer and more rounded, to mimic the way the ends of an ear of corn look. The cylinder is your corn cob.

Step 2

Push one straight pin into the cylinder right at the point where the side reaches the top. Push in another straight pin next to, and touching, the first one. Continue pushing pins into the cylinder until you have a line of pin heads showing across the entire length.


Step 3

Make another row of pins directly above the first one. Place the pins so the pin heads all touch each other, but describe definite rows.

Step 4

Place more rows of pins until you reach all the way around the cylinder, back to where you started. Fit the rows tightly together and don't leave white spaces in between.


Add pearl white-headed pins once in a while in random spots to make butter-and-sugar-type corn ears.