How to Keep Sliced Bell Peppers Fresh

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Bell peppers are tasty crudites
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Technically a fruit, bell peppers are used as vegetables in the culinary world. Bell peppers range from sweet (red bell peppers) to mild and slightly bitter (green bell peppers) and are used in a number of recipes. All bell peppers are high in Vitamin C and have a number of other antioxidants, but red, yellow and orange bell peppers are higher in nutritional value with substantially more Vitamin C as well as carotene.


For Immediate Use

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Sliced bell peppers should be refrigerated as soon as possible to retain their freshness. Peppers that have been sliced and left out are susceptible to bacteria and in danger of spoiling. Put the sliced bell peppers in a plastic storage container or sealable plastic bag, and refrigerate for up to one week.

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Store Fresh for Later Use

Flash freezing sliced bell peppers can keep most of the freshness and nutrients intact. Frozen peppers won't be as crisp but work well for later use in dishes such as stir-fries, where the bell peppers will be cooked. Spread sliced bell peppers on a pan and freeze. Once the peppers are frozen, put in a freezer-safe bag or container and store. Using freezer-safe products will protect peppers from freezer burn. Frozen bell peppers will keep for nine months.



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