Flavia Coffee Problems

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Beverage pack(s)

  • White vinegar

  • Container

Flavia produces beverage makers for the home and office environments, specializing in coffee makers that create single servings of coffee or other beverages. The brewers are available in various capacity models, from small models that serve 1 to 4 people at a time and other, large-capacity models that are designed to serve more than 50 people. Sold online and in select culinary supply stores, users should find that the machines operate well with basic care and maintenance. Problems may be resolved, however, with troubleshooting techniques.


Step 1

Plug the Flavia coffee maker into a functional power outlet if the machine is not working. Check the fuse or circuit breaker and reset or replace as necessary.

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Step 2

Fill the water reservoir with water to the "Max" line if the machine is not brewing as expected or the indicator lights are flashing three times quickly.


Step 3

Look inside the water reservoir if the coffee or other beverage is not dispensing as expected. If the "Float Switch Assembly," which looks like a small plastic float, has come loose, insert it back into the rear of the unit.

Step 4

Open the "Pack Door" or press a selection button if the indicator lights have turned off.


Step 5

Wait at least 90 seconds while the machine heats the water if the indicator lights are flashing three times slowly.

Step 6

Insert a second beverage pack into the "Pack Door" if the right indicator light is flashing. If a second pack is not necessary for the beverage to be brewed, press the middle or left button to cancel the second pack.


Step 7

Push the "Pack Door" door closed if the machine is not operating and has water and a beverage pack. Note that some slight resistance may be felt while closing the door, which indicates that the pack seal is being pierced. This is normal.

Step 8

Fill the water reservoir with white vinegar if the machine develops mineral scale or is not operating well. Place a large (45 oz.) container under the brew head and turn the machine "On." Insert a used beverage pack into the pack door, turn the "Volume Control" to the max setting and press the middle selection button. Repeat three times to thoroughly clean the machine and run a tank of clean water through the machine to rinse.



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