How to Drill Formica

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Things You'll Need

  • Spade bit

  • Drill

Formica is a brand of plastic laminate. It is commonly used as a countertop surface because it is durable and affordable. One concern when working with Formica is that it can chip when you cut or drill it. Drilling Formica is not difficult, however you must use the correct type of bit and procedure to help prevent chips along the edges of the hole. A sharp drill bit is also a critical component in the success of drilling a hole in Formica.


Step 1

Mark the center of the hole onto the front or exposed side of the Formica surface with a pen.

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Step 2

Insert a spade bit into the drill and tighten the chuck of the drill. Align the point of the bit over the pen mark.


Step 3

Squeeze the trigger on the drill, and bring the bit up to speed while holding the tip against the pen mark. Apply moderate pressure to the drill once it is up to full speed to begin making the cut. Drill completely through the Formica.

Step 4

Slow the speed of the drill down as you drill through the sub-material between the front and back Formica laminate surfaces. Keep the speed slow and apply less pressure as you drill through the back and complete the hole. Stop the drill once you have drilled through the back, and remove the bit carefully from the hole.


Make a cardboard template to easily mark the location of a hole.


Wear eye and face protection.


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