How to Clean Roller Luggage

Most people probably don't think about cleaning luggage on a regular basis. With frequent travel, though, luggage can get dirty quickly. Cleaning the luggage will not only protect you and your belongings from unwanted germ exposure, but it can also extend the life of your luggage. Cleaning roller luggage does not take a long time, and your luggage will be much cleaner and better-looking than it was before.

Rolling luggage through airports and streets quickly accumulates an unwanted layer of dirt.

Things You'll Need

  • Leather cleaning spray

  • Soft cleaning rags

  • Mild liquid soap

  • Lint roller

  • Soft bristle brush

Leather Luggage

Step 1

Spray the surface of the luggage with a leather cleaning spray. Allow the spray to sit on the luggage for about five minutes. Wipe the luggage clean using a soft, dry cloth. Repeat the process until the cloth comes away clean.

Step 2

Mix some mild liquid soap and warm water into a small container. Dip a cloth into the liquid, then wring out excess water.

Step 3

Wipe any non-leather portions of the bag with the soapy rag, including metal hardware, locks and the wheels. To clean the wheels most effectively, roll the wheel against the cloth until the cloth comes away clean. Place the rag inside the wheel well, if possible, and wipe that area as well. Follow this cleaning application by wiping all non-leather surfaces with a clean damp rag.

Non-Leather Luggage

Step 1

Run an adhesive lint roller across the front, sides and interior of the luggage to catch any pieces of lint or other surface dirt. Dispose of the dirty lint roller sheet when finished.

Step 2

Place a few drops of liquid soap into a small container of warm water. Dip a rag into the water and squeeze out excess water. Wipe down the surface of the luggage with the rag. Repeat the process until the rag comes away clean.

Step 3

Clean stuck-on dirt and the roller wheels with a soft bristle brush. Dip the brush into the soapy water and scrub gently to remove the dirt. Wipe the luggage down with a damp rag to remove any soap residue.