How to Hollow a Swisher Sweet

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Swisher Sweets are small cigars also known as cigarillos.

Swisher Sweets are a brand of cigars that are slender in size and appeal on a level between a cigarette and a full cigar. They come in many flavors, which are actually infused into the paper in which the tobacco is rolled, lending to their popularity. Tobacco quality strategies still apply, so buy these cigars when they are fresh. If the cigars get stale the smoke will be harsh, the flavor will be compromised and the paper will likely crumble if handled too much.



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Step 1

Hold the Swisher Sweet in your non-dominant hand, and the razor blade in your dominant hand, so that you have better control over the razor blade.

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Step 2

Cut the cigar lengthwise from end to end to create one long opening. If the cigar is fresh this won't be difficult, but it may require several small cuts to get through the layers of paper. Be patient.


Step 3

Spread the cigar open gently, and only as far as necessary to slip a finger in and push out the tobacco.

Step 4

Reseal the cigar by wetting the edges of the paper with your mouth, then simply overlap the edges and smooth down. With the aid of your saliva, it should easily adhere to itself.


Many small cigars like this come with a demi-tip, a white plastic tip that prevents the tobacco from being sucked into your mouth as you smoke. If you intend to hollow the cigar out, avoid purchasing one with this tip, or you will have to cut it off before you begin this process.

If you would like an easier way to roll your own cigar, you can always buy cigar papers separately and avoid this process.


Always be cautious when using a razor blade.



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