How to Repair a Cracked Fiberglass Pool Filter

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Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Soft cloth

  • Waterproof fiberglass adhesive

  • Wooden stir stick

  • Silicone sealer tape

A fiberglass pool filter works in conjunction with a pool pump to filter contaminants out of the water as it is being circulated through the pool. A cracked fiberglass pool filter can be repaired, once it has been removed and placed on a work surface. Supplies from a hardware store are needed as are tools common to most households.


Step 1

Trip the main power switch on the electrical junction box to discontinue electricity to the pool pump -- typically the box will be located in a pool shed at a corner of the pool.

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Step 2

Remove the lid from the pool pump compartment -- typically this will be on the deck on one side of the pool.

Step 3

Twist the water valves inside the compartment clockwise until the resistance won't let you turn them anymore.

Step 4

Place the adjustable wrench at one end of the fiberglass pool filter where it meets the valve of a water transport pipe. Twist the valve off the end of the filter. Repeat this on the other side of the filter.


Step 5

Lift the filter out of the compartment. Dry it off with a soft cloth. Place the filter on a work surface with the crack facing up.

Step 6

Apply a line of fiberglass adhesive along the length of the crack. Smooth the adhesive down with the edge of a wooden stir stick to fill in the crack. Let the adhesive set for the amount of time specified in the instructions that accompany it.


Step 7

Place a strip of silicone sealer tape on the length of the crack. Press down on the tape to remove any air bubbles.

Step 8

Apply a line of silicone adhesive on the length of the tape. Smooth the adhesive with the edge of the wooden stir stick. Let the adhesive set for the amount of time specified in the instructions.


Step 9

Place the repaired fiberglass pool filter back into position in the pool pump compartment. Screw the valves back on the filter. Twist the water valves counterclockwise to restore the flow of water. Close the lid on the pool pump compartment. Restore the electric power.


Protective gloves will be necessary if you are allergic to the fiberglass adhesive.


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