How to Serve Canned Cranberry Sauce in the Shape of the Can

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Things You'll Need

  • Canned cranberry sauce

  • Butter knife

  • Serving plate

  • Can opener

Canned, jellied cranberry sauce is a common sight on American holiday tables. While most often seen at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, cranberry sauce is available year round and can be used as a side for pork dishes or roaster chickens. Many families serve the cranberry sauce so that it retains the shape of the can it was shipped in, which usually preserves the lines from the inside of the can. These lines make handy cutting guides for your family as they slice into the cranberry "log."


Step 1

Open one end of the can of cranberry sauce with a can opener.


Step 2

Run a butter knife completely around the inside edge of the can, breaking the seal between the cranberry sauce and the can.

Step 3

Tilt the can over a serving plate and shake. The jellied cranberry sauce should slide right out, retaining the molded shape of the can, including those handy lines which serve as slicing guides.

Step 4

Serve the cylinder of cranberry sauce intact, on its side, and allow your family to cut their own slices off the "log." Alternatively, pre-slice the log, then stack vertically to take the shape of the can. Your family can then use a fork or pie server to take a pre-cut slice off the top.


If the cranberry sauce doesn't slide out easily, keep running the blade of the knife around the inside of the can while holding the can upside down over the serving plate.

Add a festive touch to the serving platter by surrounding the cranberry sauce with whole fresh cranberries and herbs like dill or oregano.

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