Instructions for the WearEver Super Shooter

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The WearEver Super Shooter makes beautiful appetizers a snap.

The WearEver Super Shooter is an electric food gun that can be used to make pressed cookies, appetizers and canapés. It also works well for filling pastas, tomatoes, deviled eggs and pastries. It comes with two different tips and nine different discs, each of which creates a different shape or pattern. WearEver stopped manufacturing these food guns over thirty years ago but they are still available for purchase on Internet auction sites.


Step 1

Fill the barrel with the mixture, for instance, pastry filling or cookie dough, using small amounts at a time. Tamp them into place with the barrel loader, which is the long plastic piece with small plastic circles on either end. Wipe any spilled mixture off the side of the barrel.

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Step 2

Choose the tip or disc you wish to use and place it on the filled barrel. Attach the cap to the barrel and tighten. Plug the transformer into a wall electrical outlet. Depending on what you are making, flip the trigger on the appliance back to either high or low speed.

Step 3

Make cookies or mints using a disc and placing the gun upright on the cookie sheet. Make sure the three feet on the barrel cap are pressed down onto the sheet. Hold the motor with one hand and using high speed, squeeze the trigger. As soon as you notice the dough coming through the holes, move on to the next spot on the sheet.


Step 4

Create ribbon cookies or straws by using the saw-toothed cookie disc. Using high speed, position the gun at a 45-degree angle to the cookie sheet and squeeze the trigger. Keep moving the gun along the length of the sheet until you have created one long "ribbon."

Step 5

Fill appetizers, pastries and deviled eggs using the decorator tips. Choose the narrow one for smaller items and the wider one for larger items. Set the trigger on high if the mixture has been refrigerated for more than two hours, otherwise use the low setting. Point the tip where you want the mixture to go and squeeze and release it for each item. As you let go of the trigger, pull the gun up quickly and then back down, to cut off the flow of the mixture.


Step 6

Stuff pasta shells by holding the barrel of the gun parallel with the work surface. Set the trigger on high speed and squeeze the trigger on and off several times for each pasta shell. As you let go of the trigger, pull the gun up quickly, and then back down, to cut off the flow of the mixture.


Step 7

Unplug the food gun when you are finished. Wash the gun parts, except for the motor and transformer, in hot sudsy water. It is not recommended that you put the Super Shooter in the dishwasher.


You may need a bottle brush to get the interior of the barrel clean. Also, wipe the motor, transformer and cord after each use.


Chilled doughs or mixtures that have become very firm will cause the motor of the gun to slow down and not work properly. Always allow firm doughs or mixtures to stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.

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